FAQ - About LeaderboardKing

Who is LeaderboardKing?

We are a Jacksonville-based software company specializing in golf event management and live scoring and leaderboards. Incorporated in the state of Florida.

Where will LeaderboardKing be during this event?

Although based in Jacksonville, FL, our operations will be in our favorite city of Santee, SC where our software was born years ago for managing our large Santee Cup event. Santee just happens to be where I-95 meets the middle of the path of the total solar eclipse. That is why this event is so special to us.

Why is LeaderboardKing doing this?

  • • We love golf. Our company is born of golfers. America has a special event on its way and we want to use this as an opportunity to bring golfers across this great country together.
  • • It is a once-in-a-lifetime event that needs outdoor activity. People will be flocking to your area looking for a place to go, for something to do. Your members will want to do something together. This is the perfect venue.
  • • Even people working that Monday will want to be outside during the event. Might as well go play some golf.
  • • What a great team-building event! Give your employees the afternoon off and take them out to the most unique golf event ever.
  • • And we are just a little selfish here. This is an opportunity for the golf world to learn about LeaderboardKing and experience our software. If we can run this event, we can run any event.

Can I use LeaderboardKing for all my course events?

Absolutely! We are a little busy hosting this tournament right now but after we get through this astronomical event we would be glad to discuss how LeaderboardKing can work for you.

Why have I not heard of this Lights Out Across American event sooner?

It is a timing thing. We will be releasing a statement about it the week of July 11 and opening registration. For now, we are targeting the courses to participate. Quoting Danny Ocean, “Are you in or are you out?”