FAQ - Event Info

What is the Event?

In conjunction with the Solar Eclipse, LeaderboardKing is hosting a live scoring event at courses across America. This may be the largest single day golf tournament ever. We are pretty sure it will be the largest single day live-scored tournament ever. And we know for a fact that it will be the largest live-scored tournament that occurs during a Total Solar Eclipse.

We will let the Guinness Book of World Records figure all that out.

What is this solar eclipse people are talking about?

On August 21, 2017 the Moon will move between the sun and earth, positioned in such a way that it will obscure the face of the sun by some portion over the course of about three hours. In certain areas of the country, called the path of totality, the moon will eventually completely cover the sun, throwing the area into darkness for up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds

The 2017 eclipse is rare among total solar eclipses in that it only crosses land in the United States, beginning and ending over water.

The table below presents information about the timing of the eclipse in various cities throughout the U.S.

  Eclipse Begins Totality Begins Totality Ends Eclipse Ends  
Madras, OR 09:06 a.m. 10:19 a.m. 10:21 a.m. 11:41 a.m. PDT
Idaho Falls, ID 10:15 a.m. 11:33 a.m. 11:34 a.m. 12:58 p.m. MDT
Casper, WY 10:22 a.m. 11:42 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 01:09 p.m. MDT
Lincoln, NE 11:37 a.m. 01:02 p.m. 01:04 p.m. 02:29 p.m. CDT
Jefferson City, MO 11:46 a.m. 01:13 p.m. 01:15 p.m. 02:41 p.m. CDT
Carbondale, IL 11:52 a.m. 01:20 p.m. 01:22 p.m. 02:47 p.m. CDT
Paducah, KY 11:54 a.m. 01:22 p.m. 01:24 p.m. 02:49 p.m. CDT
Nashville, TN 11:58 a.m. 01:27 p.m. 01:29 p.m. 02:54 p.m. CDT
Clayton, GA 01:06 p.m. 02:35 p.m. 02:38 p.m. 04:01 p.m. EDT
Columbia, SC 01:03 p.m. 02:41 p.m. 02:44 p.m. 04:06 p.m. EDT

Who can see it?

Everyone in the United States will be able to see it (weather permitting). There is a band approximately 70 miles wide that will get the most attention (and visitors, and traffic) due to totality. Be prepared! From Florida to the Carolinas to Tennessee to Kansas to Chicago and out to California, the eclipse will be over 90-99% or more.

Why is this a big deal?

This is the first total eclipse of the Sun visible from the contiguous United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) since February 26, 1979. The last time a total eclipse was visible from coast to coast was on June 8, 1918. Because of the path, the time of year, occurring on a Monday and access to millions of people, this will be the most viewed eclipse ever. This will be a big deal. Some predictions are that this will be similar to 20 Woodstocks at one time.

How does this affect my golf course?

People will be migrating to the areas of 100% totality. All across America, people will be looking for somewhere beautiful and fun to watch the event. How about your golf course? And how about playing in the largest live-scored golf event at the same time?

It is going to be exciting! This will be a day to take off the afternoon and be outside to witness the event of our lifetimes. This is a day to bring our great county together to share this great event. We are trying to do our part to bring together the golfing community. There is no risk to the courses. All that can happen is that we bring more golfers out to your course on what is usually a slow time of the week, a Monday afternoon in August. Hope you will join the party with us!