FAQ - User Interface

Do the courses or golfers need to download software?

Absolutely not. Our software is all cloud-based running off via your device’s browser. Nothing to download. We will provide links to all functionality.

What devices can I use?

Basically any device with a browser. Almost all makes of smart phones, I-Pads, Tablets, PCs.

How does LeaderboardKing communicate with golfers?

Pairings, Links to scorecard and notification of prizes will be done via email addresses supplied at Registration. If you give a bad email address you will not receive information.

How do golfers access their online scorecard?

We will send them a link when we email out the pairings. Course staff should also print Steering Wheel sheets that provide a QR code and short-link to their scorecard.

How do you use the scorecard?

It is actually very easy. There are buttons to go to the Next/Previous Hole and to cycle through the golfers. If it is a Captain’s Choice event you only need to enter one score per team. Go to the hole that you are scoring and tap the number. It should change color. Tap it again to deselect.

For a Shotgun Start, how do I get to the correct starting hole?

Your scorecard will automatically display your starting hole based on the Pairings. If you ever get on the wrong hole, you can use the Next/Previous Hole buttons or there is a pulldown on the hole number to jump directly to a hole.

How do golfers access the leaderboard?

There is a button at the bottom of their online scorecard.

What can the golfer see on the leaderboard?

They can see all of the golfers in the local event just like a PGA leaderboard. They can see their position in the event, their gross score, their net score. You will even be able to see your position across all golfers at all LOAA sites.

My score does not look correct. Can I review my full scorecard?

Yes, there is a button on the bottom of the scorecard interface that shows you your group’s scorecard. You can review the scores and then update any discrepancies on scorecard interface.

Can you follow other golfers in your local event?

Absolutely! You can even tag your buddy as a Favorite but clicking the star next to their name on the leaderboard. They will always display at the top of the leaderboard no matter what their position so that you can keep an eye on them.

Does each golfer need to keep score?

No. Every golfer in the pairing can access their own pairings scorecard and the leaderboards but one person can keep score for the entire pairing, if desired. Just use the next/previous golfer buttons on the scorecard to change golfers.

Can I see the scorecard hole-by-hole for other golfers?

Yes. Go to the leaderboard and click on any name. This will display their pairings entire scorecard. If the golfer entered their handicap then it will show dots on the holes where they got strokes.

I am playing a Captain’s Choice format. How does our team name appear on the Leaderboard?

Team Name will initially appear as the team golfer’s name concatenated. If you click on the name while on your scorecard you can change it to whatever you want.

What Team Names are allowed?

Anything that fits. We love creative, fun team names. Just keep in mind that we will monitor names. Please don’t offend other party guests. Any excessive profanity or offensive names will have their scorecard removed.

Do you have any examples of leaderboards from other events?

Here is an example of a leaderboard for a Captain’s Choice event..


And here is an example of a leaderboard for an Individual Scoring event…


Can people not attending the party still view the leaderboards?

Yes, anyone can view the leaderboard for any event as long as they know the link to the leaderboard. We will have links on LOAAGolf.com

Can the leaderboard be displayed on a TV in the Pro Shop or Clubhouse?

Yes, it can as long as the TV has internet access. We have solutions for displaying on TVs without internet but that is a specialized request that we cannot handle for this event.