FAQ - Event Signup

How do I signup my course to participate?

Fill out the form on LOAAGolf.com. We will send you a short contract soon to keep everyone happy.

Can our course do more than golf?

Sure. If you want to include giveaways, prizes, food, etc that is up to you. LeaderboardKing just needs to know the bottomline of what we charge each participating golfer. You will need to outline what this includes so that we can add it to your event description during registration. (See Event Info Form for Details)

Once the event is setup online, what does the course need to do?

  • • Nothing. That is the beauty of LeaderboardKing. No need to field calls or manage signup sheets or take payment. LeaderboardKing does it all.
  • • All that we ask is that you promote the event through your normal channels and direct interested golfers to our site at LOAAGolf.com. We will send you a flyer to hang in your Pro Shop and people can find info at our website.
  • • When Registration closes on Wednesday August 16, we will send the course staff a link and a login for you to review the automated pairings. Golfers that register together will be paired together. Golfers that register as singles will be randomly paired.
  • • If you wish to change the pairings, we will provide a tutorial on how to do that. Once you are happy with the pairings, you simply assign the tee time or starting hole for each pairing and Save the changes.
  • • You can then download Pairing Sheets, Top-Front Cart Signs and Steering Wheel Sheets. Steering Wheel sheets have a QR Code and short-link that will take golfers to their online scorecard just is case they lose or fail to get the email. This eliminates questions to you.
  • • On Friday August 18, we will send an email to the golfers with brief instructions, directions to access online FAQs, Event Pairings and a link to their online scorecard.
  • • On the day of the event, when golfers arrive, your staff will need to have the cart assignments in place as you usually do.
  • • The only other request that we have is that you stress that this is a live-scoring event. It only works if golfers enter their scores. We recommend keeping a paper scorecard for backup as well but the online scorecard matters.

What happens if a golfer does not score online?

Well, we are not going to slap their wrist. But if they do not keep score online then they miss out on the fun, they are not eligible for any random prizes and we cannot send them a certificate. Sorry.

Can golfers register as a foursome?

Yes, and we prefer it. When a registration includes more than one golfer the software will automatically put them in the same initial pairing. That makes life easier for your staff when building the pairings.

How many courses can participate in this event?

At this time we are targeting 100 courses. We only have enough glasses for that many courses. So signup quickly!

How many golfers can play in each event?

That is up to you. You will need to let us know on the Event Info page so we can limit registrations. You know your course better than we do so you decide pace of play. 128 golfers would be absolute recommended maximum for foursome pairings.

Can a course have both a morning and afternoon event?

If you can do it, we can do it. We would set this up as two separate events. Please note on the Event Info form.

What will be the format?

The course will define. You can play individual play or Captain’s Choice/Scramble format for 2-Man teams or Pairings. You will need to define on the Event Info form.

Is the event Gross or Net?

For Captain’s Choice/Scramble events the format will be Gross Score. For Individual Play, golfers enter their gross score with access to leaderboards for both Gross and Net scores.

What if a golfer does not provide a handicap?

Handicap can be made optional or mandatory at time of Registration. We will make the default for this event optional unless requested otherwise. If handicap is optional and none is given then their net scores will be based off of a handicap of zero (0).

Does the program calculate Skins?

Yes. For Captain’s Choice/Scramble events we do Gross Skins. For Individual Play, we do both Gross and Net Skins.

How do golfers see Skin results?

Once the scoring is completed, we will close the event. The program will determine skins and put a button at the top of the leaderboard to review. You can even look at each hole to see how a skin was cancelled.

What prizes will be given away?

LeaderboardKing will award some really cool LOAA event merchandise randomly to golfers who submit a completed scorecard. The golfer’s online scorecard must be completed to qualify.

Any prizes for top teams/golfers?

Not for this event. Since we are not onsite running the event we do not want to tempt people to enter incorrect scores for prizes. If the course wants to do prizes they would have to manage this. We would love to reward the best scores but this party is about much more than the golf. For this LOAA event, we like to say, “This is not a competitive event, this is an astronomical event!”

Is LOAA Merchandies available for purchase?

Yes, you can go to the LOAA store at www.lightoutacrossamerica.com.