Host a Lights Out event

Register your course to host a Lights Out Across America event on August 21, 2017, the day of the total solar eclipse, and experience increased play and revenue at NO extra cost to you! If you want to have food and prizes with your local event, that's completely up to you - we can build it into the registration and pricing. You can even offer your members and regulars a discount if you want. Below are just a few reasons why you should be hosting a golf outing during the eclipse with LeaderBoardKing.

The total eclipse is on a Monday! Probably your slowest day of the week or maybe you are normally closed. Take advantage of this astronomical (and golf) event of a lifetime to get more golfers out to your course and maybe even increase your membership. People will remember where they were when they saw the total solar eclipse!

Experience LeaderboardKing software with live scoring and leaderboards as well as full registration and payment processing. As easy as LeaderboardKing software is to use, for the LOAA event we've whittled it down to nothing - no extra work or cost for you at all! You will be able to see who has registered and paid at all times leading up to the event. Our system will even create the pairings and the cart signs for you, as well as send you and each golfer completing an online scorecard a unique LOAA certificate of participation.

Your course will get exposure with golfers across the country from our event website where golfers will sign-up to play and pay for their LOAA round.

Be careful out there! LeaderboardKing will provide the first 100 courses to sign up and get at least 20 paid participants with Solar Eclipse viewing glasses to give out to the golfers to safely view the eclipse. They can take some really cool (or goofy) pictures and post them to your Facebook page or send them to you to post on your website.

Hopefully we'll be able to have the certificates say that you helped us break a Guinness World Record for participating in the largest one day golf event ever. No matter what, it will be a once in a lifetime event held at your course that you can share with your members and regular golfers forever!

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